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정식사이트는 3월 중 오픈예정


K-VISA services

Personalized Information

Receive your personalized information through your alien registration card

Multilingual Visa Information

Check multilingual visa information

Immigration Policy

Check the rapidly changing immigration policies

Living Information

Receive useful living information

Recent And Accurate
Korean Visa Information

K-VISA Is Reliable

You can easily check all Korean visa information

Non-contact Service
Multilingual Visa Consultation

K-VISA is reliable

We can provide all visa services in various languages
through our visa service application form

The latest Immigration News
Living Information on Korea

K-VISA Is Reliable

You can receive the rapidly altering immigration policies
and helpful living information


Personalized Service

Scan your alien registration card to use diverse services automatically customized to you

Easy To Use

Check your personalized information through your alien registration card

Multilingual Visa Information

The most recent and accurate visa information offered in your preferred language

24-hour Visa Consultation

Free consultation through the visa service application form

Non-contact Service

All visa services can progress with non-contact service

Job Search (In Preparation)

Personalized Job search service provided for your visa

Foreign Community

The community where foreigners can communicate for visas, friends, and information

Immigration Information

Receive important immigration news that you need to know

Information On Living In Korea

Check helpful information for living in Korea such as multicultural family center and welfare service

Personalized Notification

Remind of your remaining visa period, living information, and policy change

Location-based Service (In Preparation)

Hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, and tourist spots offered on the GPS-based map


With Government Agencies

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