Point-Based Resident Visa (F-2-7)

For foreigners who wish to stay in Korea for a long-term, F-2-7 visa should be their goal. This visa can be extended indefinitely as long as the individual continues to meet the requirements. More importantly, obtaining this visa can make your application for a permanent residence much easier.

Of course, the application process is difficult and strict. But the best part is that it is so strict that there are extremely small part is left to the discretion of the immigration office. Therefore, if you meet the qualification, you know that you will obtain the visa for certain.

Who Can Apply for F-2-7?

Not everyone can apply for an F-2-7 visa. Even if you qualify to apply for the visa, there may be some restrictions. E-1 through E-5, E-7, and D-5 through D-9 can apply for F-2-7 without any restrictions. However, e-6 visa holder must be not working in a hotel, or amusement business. D-2 and D-10 visa holders can also apply for an F-2-7 visa, but they must obtain master's degree or higher and a domestic company must confirm that the individual is hired in an appropriate field of study.

What Is the Criteria?

The points are decided by your age (25), education (35), proficiency in Korean language (20), and current income (10). There are some additional points (35) and penalties (-5) as well. Possible points are 125 points and 80 points are required to obtain this visa.

What Documents Do I Need?

Unfortunately, the required documents are different for every situation. Some of the common documents are: application form, passport, alien registration card, diploma, proof of proficiency in Korean, proof of income, employment contract, proof of family relations, and others.

Although it may seem easy to figure out if you qualify for the visa, it is quite difficult to get the documents the way the immigration office wants them to be. Therefore, it is best to make sure that you at least consult an expert before you proceed with the process.

If you would like a consultation, please feel free to leave a comment.

Point-Based Resident Visa (F-2-7)

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