What is F-4 VIsa?

F-4 Visa Qualification

You should be an overseas Korean with foreign nationality (Gyopo) who had Korean citizenship before acquiring a foreign nationality or a close relative of a Korean-outsider who got unfamiliar nationality qualified for getting this visa.

The subject of Grant of Overseas Korean (Gyopo) status (F-4)

Abroad Korean with foreign nationality by Clause 3 of the Presidential Decree for Overseas Koreans Law
An individual who had Korean nationality and obtained foreign nationality.
An individual whose of both guardians or both of grandparents with Korean nationality obtained foreign nationality.


The visa gives an individual almost indistinguishable rights from a Korean resident
Lawfully work anyplace in Korea
At the point when you move to start with one school then onto the next, there is no requirement for discharge papers
You can lawfully coach understudies, which can be exceptionally worthwhile in Korea.
The visa is sustainable like clockwork, and you don't need to change your visa if you change occupations.
Approaches to acquire an F-4 visa

A. In your nation of origin

From abroad you can contact the closest Korean international safe haven or department and follow the techniques for getting the visa as guided. Calling initially is proposed. Check if there are any ongoing changes or updates to the F-4 visa process. Locate your nearest Korean Embassy and Consulate.

Revoke Korean Citizenship (if applicable)

You should ensure that you/your parent (s) have revoked citizenship from Korea. If not, you should initially round out the Korean nationality renunciation report with the Korean Ministry of Justice or the Korean Consulate before the visa application. You/your parent (s) should visit the closest Korean office so as to repudiate your/their Korean citizenship. From that point, the migration framework would be refreshed likewise however tragically, it may take as long as a quarter of a year to process. The office might be able to furnish you with a paper that demonstrates that you/your parent(s) have found a way to disavow Korean citizenship. That way, you ought to have the option to keep acquiring your F-4 visa after an appearance in Korea.

Genealogy Registry

Ensure that it shows you are not, at this point a resident of South Korea. In the event that your name isn't recorded on the vault, you have to enlist your name first and revoked it. In the event that the name on your family library is not the same as your legitimate name, you should likewise bring structures reporting you/your parent's lawful name change(s).

Birth Certificate

On the off chance that you are a Canadian resident, the long-structure birth endorsement is required (which contains both of your folks' names, where they were conceived in Korea, and so forth.)

B. In Korea

There is a division in the Korean Immigration Service for an F-4 visa. You can show up in Korea on a customary vacationer visa and apply for your F4 visa afterward. Guarantee that you esteem the traveler visa time limit. Locate your nearest Korean Immigration Office.

If you don't mind look at what direction is quicker with regards to your school beginning date and decide to apply in your nation of origin or in Korea on a traveler visa.

Required Documents

A. In the event that you were conceived in Korea

Records that demonstrate you were before a Korean resident (for instance, a Korean genealogy vault called 'Ho Juk Deung Bon' with ensured evacuation, or a Korean birth testament)
Records that demonstrate the explanation, date, month, and year of obtaining a far off nationality of oneself and one's quick relatives. (ex. duplicate of citizenship declaration)


At any rate, two identification estimated photographs
Preparing Fee
Different reports which are considered to be fundamental by the Ministry of Justice
To get Ho Juk Deung Bon, you need the beneath data and is accessible at any 'gu' office in South Korea.
Mother/Father's full name
Mother/Father's old Korean ID
Mother/Father's old Korean address

B. If your parent(s) or grandparent(s) were conceived in Korea

Records demonstrating that your parent (s) or grandparent(s) held Korean citizenship (for instance, a Korean genealogical record library called Ho Juk Deung Bon with ensured evacuation)
Records demonstrating the date and explanation behind gaining foreign citizenship (A birth declaration or other authority report that shows you are identified with your parent(s) or grandparent(s))
Records that demonstrate the explanation, date, month, and year of gaining a far off nationality of oneself and one's quick relatives. (ex. duplicate of citizenship authentication)


In any event, two identification measured photographs
Processing Fee
Other records which are considered to be vital by the Ministry of Justice

C. In the event that you are a Korean adoptee

Unique appropriation testament
Duplicate of Korean Family Library
Naturalization papers (if US citizen)
A birth declaration, resident's testament or different reports (contingent upon the nation of source)
Two identification measured photographs at least
Other documents which are considered to be vital by the Ministry of Justice

What is F-4 VIsa?

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