General Information for Reporting of International Marriage in Korea

Reporting of Marriage

  • Location: All government offices eligible to issue Family Relations Certificate
  • Registrant: Both spouses

Reporting of Marriage First in Korea

  • Required Documents
    • Statement of Eligibility for Marriage
    • Foreigners' translated transcript of Statement of Eligibility for Marriage (Must be named, signed or stamped by the translators)
    • Each applicant's identification card (Foreigner's spouse passport)
    • Seal (Can be substituted with signature if both spouses are present at registration)
  • Marriage Certificate
    • Applicable sections must be filled by both spouses
    • Information of two witnesses; Name, Signature, Resident Registration Number, Address must be filled in
  • Chinese Applicants
    • Certificate of being unmarried, Certificate of Nationality
      • Documents for verifying ethnic Korean living in China (resident registration) are needed for ethnic Korean applicants (ID Card)
      • A certificate requires issued certifications from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, foreign office of each Local Provinces, Autonomous Regions, and Municipalities
  • Vietnamese
    • Marital Status Confirmation, Marriage Requirement Certificate, Birth Certificate

Reporting of Marriage after Former Reported Outside Korea

  • Required Documents
    • Marriage Certificate issued outside Korea and its transcript translated
      • Must be named, named or stamped by the translator's e.g; Translator Name (Sign or Seal)
    • Each applicant's Identification Card.
      • Copy of passport is available (Foreigner's sign (seal) is autograph required)
  • Marriage Certificate (Not necessary for two witnesses)
  • Must be reported three months within the date of marriage
    • Penalty will be given if reported afterward.
    • Foreign names must be written in Korean accordingly local pronunciation and in an order of surname, given name (Chinese letters in ethnic Korean person's name can be written as they pronounced in Korean)

Foreigners, married to Korean can include their Foreign Registration Number and Other Information on the Family Registering

  • Location
  • All-District, Eup, Myeon offices
    • Can register regardless of the jurisdiction
    • Issuer: Korean or foreigner sordos
    • Eligible Information
  • Foreign Registration Number (Domestic Residence Report Number for Foreign Nationality Koreans)
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Origin
  • Required Documents
    • Foreign Registration (or Domestic Residence Report Card)
    • Passport or other necessary documents for date of birth and nationality
General Information for Reporting of International Marriage in Korea

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