Korean Skill for International Marriage Visa (F-6)

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Over time, the number of foreigners living in Korea has been increased. The number of international marriages has also been increased. It means that Korea has rapidly been globalized.

Then, what is the biggest concern when proceeding an international marriage?

That is a foreign partner's international marriage visa issue. As you know, not everyone can obtain an international marriage visa when they want. Therefore, they need to prepare for it in advance if they really wish to get the visa. Of course, some visas are easy to get by preparing only for a few days. However, an international marriage visa is not.

Actually, to obtain an international marriage visa, there are some requirements. Among them, the most difficult one is the communication requirement.

As you know, we can not perfectly learn a foreign language in the short term. Thus, if you are not good at speaking Korean, you should learn Korean more in advance. Fortunately, the communication requirement does not need excellent Korean skills. So, it seems to be able to easily fulfill the communication requirement with Korean skills.

Then, how to prove one's Korean skills? There are some methods.

TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level 1

Most people know that taking the TOPIK is the easiest way to prove their Korean skills. Actually, an F-6 visa requires the lowest level in the TOPIK. Therefore, even if you can not speak Korean at all, you can get the TOPIK level 1 by studying hard for one month.

Taking the TOPIK is a general way that many people have tried. Nevertheless, there are only six times for one year in Korea. There may be only fewer or no TOPIK abroad.

So, it is better to check the schedule of the TOPIK in advance to prepare for it without any problem if you plan to fulfill the communication requirement with the TOPIK.

Completion of Korean Education at Korean Educational Institution

You can try taking a Korean education program at Korean Educational Institution. You can get the certificate for the program completion by taking the classes for more than 120 hours.

We need to check the schedule of a Korean education program in advance for further plans.

Degree in Korean

There is another way for a few people who have a degree related to Korean. They can fulfill their communication requirement with their degree regarding Korean.

If you majored in Korean or another related one at overseas university, you can easily fulfill the communication requirement without any preparation.

Korean Compatriot

There are some Korean compatriots in the world. Originally, they or their family were Korean citizens, but they have emigrated from Korea to another country.

They may have some documents proving that they had a Korean citizenship. Then, they can fulfill the communication requirement with their documents.

Living in Korea for More Than One Year

The last one is living in Korea for more than one year. If you stayed in Korea for more than one year before, you can fulfill the requirement by showing your passport with the relative stamp. In the case that you do not have the relative passport, you can ask for an immigration office to inquire your immigration record to prove that you lived in Korea for more than one year.

There are more methods to fulfill the communication requirement than we expect. In addition, it is not that difficult.

If you are curious about Korean visas or interested in Korean visa attorney service, feel free to contact us K-VISA. We promise to provide the best service in your preferred language among English, Chinese and Korean.

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Korean Skill for International Marriage Visa (F-6)

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