Rights and Treatment of Humanitarian Status Holders

"A person who is permitted to stay on humanitarian grounds (hereinafter referred to as a humanitarian status holder)" refers to an alien to whom the category of refugees does not apply but for whom there are reasonable grounds to believe his/her life or personal freedom may be egregiously violated by torture or other inhumane treatment or punishment or other circumstances.

1. Permission to stay in Korea until the circumstances connected to the humanitarian status recognition ceases to exist

※ You will be given a G-1 Miscellaneous visa, and you can apply for the extension of stay for up to 1 year per application.

2. No forcible return to the country of origin or country of habitual residence

3. Permission to Work with a 'comprehensive employment activity permit'

• If you wish to work in a non-professional field, you may do so, for the maximum of one year within the authorized period of stay, without any obligation to designate a workplace after obtaining permission for comprehensive activities beyond your status.

※ Required Document: Application (Annex No. 34), passport, Alien Registration Card, No fee.

• You are allowed to work in any place except those listed on Prohibited Places for Employment (please see the table below). However, if you wish to work in a field that requires professional skills, you are required to meet the conditions specified in the Immigration Control Act.

Prohibited Places for Employment

▶ working in a place where speculative and gambling businesses are conducted as specified in subparagraph 1 of Article 2(1) of the Act on Special Cases Concerning Regulation and Punishment of Speculative Acts, etc., and Article 2 of the Enforcement Decree there.

▶ working as an employee who entertains guests in a place of business which is considered a singing bar or an entertainment bar under Article 36 of the Food Sanitation Act and subparagraph 8 of Article 21 of the Enforcement Decree thereof.

▶ working in a business that may be prejudicial to good public morals and which falls under the category of the businesses negatively affecting public morals, as prescribed by Article 2 of the Act on the Regulation of Amusement Businesses Affecting Public Morals and Article 2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Enforcement Decreeof there.

▶ other activities crossing the boundary of expected conduct of refugee status applicants, or areas where the Minister of Justice deems it necessary to prohibit employment activities of refugee status applicants.

• You may change your work freely within the authorized duration of stay. However, if such changes occur, you must report your employment circumstance (s) via online (Hi-Korea website) within 15 days of the date you started work for a particular individual, agency, or organization, or, the date you changed the workplace. (Please fill out and submit the Confirmation on Employment of Humanitarian Status Holder)

4. Access to Assistance Services, including Residence, Medical Care, Education, Fitness, Counseling, and others, provided by a Refugee Support Center

5. Access to Medical Care Services Provided in accordance with the Medical Care Service Support Project for Marginalized People including Migrant Workers

• If you are unable to receive medical benefits, such as health insurance, medical aids, and others, under the current healthcare system, you may receive the financial support for your medical care expenses for hospitalization and regardless of the number of support requests you have made in the past.

6. Guarantee of the same treatments as refugee status applicants

• You may enjoy the same level of benefits, such as access to a residential facility, medical support, and guarantee of education, etc, as the refugee applicants, as prescribed by the Refugee Act.

Rights and Treatment of Humanitarian Status Holders

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