Applying for Refugee Status at Ports of Entry

Who can apply?

  • An alien arriving at a border port-of-entry (airport, or sea), who wishes to enter or land in the territory of the ROK.

When to apply?

  • You can submit a written application for Refugee Status Recognition during the entry inspection.

Where to apply?

  • You need to submit your application to the immigration office or branch office with jurisdiction over the port of entry.

(4) Determination on referral

  • An individual who applied for refugee status at the port of entry must go through the pre-screening assessment. The assessment will determine whether or not your application should be referred to the status refugee determination procedure.
  • The Chief of an immigration office or a branch office (hereinafter referred to as the Office Chief or the Branch Chief) at the port of entry will decide whether to refer your application to RSD procedures within 7 days.
  • The Office Chief or Branch Chief may not refer to a refugee status applicant to refugee recognition review procedures if a person falls under any of the following subparagraphs.

(5) Procedures after referral

  • When your application is referred to the RSD procedures, a Receipt of the Refugee Application will be issued. Once the referral is granted, you will be given a status as a refugee applicant.
  • The Office Chief, etc, will conduct the entry inspection and provide you with a permit of entry if deemed eligible for referral. The officer may provide the entry permit which authorizes 90 days of stay, on conditions which include your appearance for RSD procedures, etc
  • Once you enter Korea, you are required to complete an Alien Registration at the immigration office with jurisdiction over your place of residence within 90 days of entry.
  • The Refugee Status Determination (RSD) procedures will be conducted by RSD officers at the immigration office with jurisdiction over your place of stay.
Applying for Refugee Status at Ports of Entry

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