Eligibility for Cash Grant

A foreign investment where the ratio of foreign investment is at least 30 percent and foreign investment with long-term borrowing shall not be eligible for cash grant support.

1. New Growth Engine

Research and development of technologies for new growth engines and source technologies, materials process technology directly related to new growth engine technologies

2. High Technology

Establishment of new or additional factories for high technology and high-tech product industry

3. Materials and Components

Textile, pulp, chemicals, medicine, plastic, non-metallic minerals, primary metals, metal processing, electronic components, computers, imaging, audio, and communication equipment, medical, precision and optical instruments, electrical equipment, machinery and equipment, automobiles and trailers, other transportation equipment, furniture, etc.

4. Creation of Employment

Manufacturing, construction, transportation, information services businesses that employ 300 or more; wholesale, lodging, financial insurance, specialized science, and leisure service businesses that employ 200 or more; Education service and other individual service businesses that employ 100 or more; real estate industry and leasing businesses that employ 50 or more.

5. R&D Center

Where the number of regular employment of full-time researchers is five or more persons holding a bachelor's degree related to the business in the field of new growth engine technology, high technology, and high-tech product, and parts and materials (to be enforced in 2020) with at least three years' research experience, and a research facility is newly installed or installed expanding to conduct research and development activities for the business.

6. Regional Headquarters

The Minister of Trade, Industry, Energy may designate an establishment as a local headquarters after undergoing deliberation by the Foreign Investment Committee when a global company establishes a business hub for supporting or adjusting key functions such as production, sales, logistics, and personnel management of two or more overseas subsidiaries. The requirements for designation is that the average turnover of its parent company over the preceding five years, shall be at least KRW 3 trillion; Its parent company shall directly or indirectly own at least 50 percent of the total number of voting stocks, and it employs 10 or more full-time workers for the core function of the business.

7. Others

Where local specialized industry and specialized industry of cooperative inter-region play a central role in creating jobs and strengthening the competitiveness of the relevant region with recognition of contribution to regional economic development.

Eligibility for Cash Grant

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