General Understanding about Dependent Family Visa (F-3-1)

A. Eligibilitybility

According to attached Table 1-2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Act, the spouse or unmarried child of a holder of a sojourn status ranging from culture/art (D-1) to foreign national of special ability (E-7) (except personseligible for industrial trainee (D-3) sojourn status)

B. Visa application

1. Eligibilitybility

  • Foreign investors' companions: The spouse of corporate investors (D-8) and their unmarried minor children
  • Professionals' companions: The spouse and unmarried minor children of professors (E-1), researchers (E-3), technology instructors (E-4), professionals (E-5), and foreign nationals of special ability with a recommendation for employment in the field of advanced science and technology (GOLD CARD)

2. Documents to submit

Submit documents to receive a visa according to the criteria and procedures set for a dependent family visa (F-3).

C. Application for visa issuance

In principle, a visa issuance certificate should be issued only when the visa holder is present for the application for issuance

D. Application for change of status of sojourn

  • Applicant: The relevant person
  • Where to apply: The relevant immigration office or KOTRA's Investment Consulting Center (the application for change of status of sojourn can be made only when the applicant has entered the country without a visa or with a short-term visa for unavoidable reasons.)

E. Documents to be submitted upon visa issuance (or visa issuance issuance or sojourn status change)

For individuals, the required documents can be added or reduced.

Application (the Enforcement Rules of the Immigration Act [attached Form No. 34])

Passport, a passport photo

For people from a high TB-burden country, a TB checklist

➍ A copy of the D-8-1 holder's alien registration card

➎ A marriage certificate (certificate of family relations)

➏ A sojourn place certificate (a real-estate rental contract, etc)

➐ Visa fee

  • Change in the status of stay: KRW 100,000 (revenue stamp)
  • Extension of the status of stay: KRW 60,000 (revenue stamp)
General Understanding about Dependent Family Visa (F-3-1)

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