F-3 Visa

General Understanding about Dependent Family Visa (F-3-1)

A. Eligibility According to attached Table 1-2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Act, the spouse or unmarried child of a holder of a sojourn status ranging from culture/art (D-1) to foreign national of special ability (E-7) (except persons eligible for industrial trainee (D-3) sojourn status) B. Visa application 1. Eligibility Foreign investors’ companions: […]

Family Dependency (F-3)

Eligibility Dependents are able to apply for Dependent Family (F-3) visa as an accompanying family member of D-1 to E-7 visas (except D-3 Industrial Trainee visas): Spouse Unmarried minor (under Korean age of 19) children Method 1: Direct Application The Applicant: The person himself/herself  Where to apply: The embassy or the consulate of the Republic […]

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