Foreign Investment

Corporate Foreign Investor Visa (D-8-1)

A. Eligibility Indispensable professional specialists who want to engage in the fields of business management, administration, production, or technology in a foreign-invested company registered in Korea according to the Foreign Promotion Promotion Act (hereinafter to be referred to as the D-8-1 visa). B. Visa application basic requirements The investment target should be a Korean [...]

Application for Cash Grant

An application shall be submitted to The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (Department of FDI Promotion) with support of the overseas investment hub offices in KOTRA, Invest KOREA, or the local government. The FDI Cash Grant Support Center to Invest KOREA and its project managers (PM) provide consultation on whether or not the requirements [...]

Eligibility for Cash Grant

A foreign investment where the ratio of foreign investment is at least 30 percent and foreign investment with long-term borrowing shall not be eligible for cash grant support. 1. New Growth Engine Research and development of technologies for new growth engines and source technologies, materials process technology directly related to new growth engine technologies 2. High [...]

Service-type Foreign Investment Zones

It is an area designated for lease or transfer to a foreign-invested company that conducts a service business. Unlike manufacturing-oriented, Complex-type Foreign Investment Zones that require large-scale sites, service-type Foreign Investment Zones, such as research facilities, are designed to support demand for moving into areas and buildings. 1. Procedure of Designation The Minister of [...]

Individual-type Foreign Investment Zones

An individual-type Foreign Investment Zone (FIZ) is a tailored location for large-scale investors and foreign investors can choose and designate the location of the investment zone. 1. Criteria for The Designation The FIZ shall be designated when new factory facilities (or workplace) are built or newly installed on existing buildings by the same corporation to install [...]

Complex-type Foreign Investment Zone

A complex-type Foreign Investment Zone (FIZ) is designated for lease or transferred exclusively to foreign-invested companies. The lease term is up to 50 years and must be renewed every 10 years. Companies moving into this type of zone are provided with low-cost rent and benefits such as rent reduction or tax credits depending on the investment. [...]

Advantages for Foreign Investors

The Korean government provides incentives in the form of reductions and exemptions on taxes including acquisition tax, property tax, customs duty, and value-added tax for foreign investors to promote investment and national economic development through the transfer of advanced technologies. Tax reductions or special provisions on taxation are also provided to foreign engineers and workers. [...]

Investment Visa for Foreign Investor

In principle, a foreigner should obtain a visa in advance to enter the Republic of Korea. Unauthorized entry and departure are not permitted even for a person who obtained a visa or is eligible for no-visa entry, which means every person must go through the immigration declaration process at the border, airport, and seaport, and [...]

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