Alien Registration in Korea

1) Alien Registration – Application Time and Procedures (1) Eligibility Foreigners planning to stay in Korea for over 90 days from the arrival date (Article 31 of the Immigration Act) (2) Registration time within 90 days of arrival at the time (immediately) when a foreigner receives a sojourn status or gets his/her sojourn status [...]

General Information about Korean Visa

(1) What is a Visa? When an alien enters the Republic of Korea, he/she shall hold a valid passport and a visa issued by the Minister of Justice (Article 7 (1) of the Immigration Act). The view about a visa is divided into two groups: Some countries view it as the confirmation of an entry [...]

Typical Visas in Korea

Business Investment (D-8) visa 1. Eligibility A D-8 visa is issued to indispensable professional specialists engaged in the management, business administration, production, or technology of a foreign-invested company, or to a person who founds a start-up enterprise with industrial property rights or intellectual property rights from its proprietary technology, and has been certified as a [...]

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