Refugee Visa G-1-5

Permission for Employment of Refugee Status Applicants

Who can apply? If a refugee status applicant falls under the category below, he/she may work in the ROK as he/she wishes. To this end, the person shall find a workplace first within the permitted period of stay and then apply for permission for activities beyond his/her given status at the immigration office or [...]

Permission to Stay for Refugee Status Applicants

Grant of the status of stay, a change of status You may receive a G-1 Miscellaneous visa or, change your status to G-1 at the immigration office, or branch office with jurisdiction over your place of residence. ※ Required Documents: A written application (Annex No. 34), the receipt of refugee status application, an identification [...]

Refugee Status Determination Procedures

Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Procedures are conducted based on the materials submitted by the person who filed for the refugee status application. Therefore, you need to prove your refugee claims via supplementary evidence and/or statements. During RSD procedures, RSD officers will interview you and conduct factual investigations based on your claim. The decision will be [...]

Applying for Refugee Status during Stay in Korea

Who can apply? An alien staying in the Republic of Korea (ROK). When to apply? You must apply for refugee status while you are staying in Korea. Where to apply? You can apply at an immigration office, immigration branch office, or an immigration detention center in Korea. The Office Chief or other [...]

Applying for Refugee Status at Ports of Entry

Who can apply? An alien arriving at a border port-of-entry (airport, or sea), who wishes to enter or land in the territory of the ROK. When to apply? You can submit a written application for Refugee Status Recognition during the entry inspection. Where to apply? You need to submit your application to the [...]

Rights and Treatment of Refugee Status Applicants

"A person who has applied for refugee status" (hereinafter referred to as a "refugee status applicant" refers to an alien who has filed a refugee status application and to whom any of the following applies: A. the person's refugee status is being examined under the refugee status determination procedure; B. The person's refugee status application [...]

Rights and Treatment of Humanitarian Status Holders

"A person who is permitted to stay on humanitarian grounds (hereinafter referred to as a humanitarian status holder') refers to an alien to whom the category of refugees does not apply but for whom there are reasonable grounds to believe his/her life or personal freedom may be egregiously violated by torture or other inhumane treatment [...]

Rights and Treatment of Recognized Refugees

1. F-2 Resident Visa and Permission for Employment As a recognized refugee, you will be given an F-2 Resident visa, which grants a stable status of stay in the Republic of Korea. You may also freely work in a place where the employment of recognized refugees is not prohibited.  2. Issuance of Refugee Travel Document [...]

Refugee Recognition System of Korea

As of July 1, 2013, the Refugee Act of the Republic of Korea, the first stand-alone law on refugees in the Asia region, went into effect, establishing a process for refugee recognition consistent with the 1951 Convention to relating the Status of Refugees of the Refugee Convention. The introduction of Korea's refugee law helps to establish [...]

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