K-VISA Visa Service FAQ

We are all made up of administrators and visa experts.

Even now, many foreigners are receiving and changing visas through K-VISA.

First of all, we are conducting visa business accurately and transparently.

We share the progress and do our best to increase your satisfaction through fast and accurate work.

We currently have 23 administrators.

All of them are the best experts in Korea and have a high success rate.

K-VISA is open from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

However, free consultations are provided sequentially after receiving a consultation request through a consultation form that operates 24 hours apart from business hours.

Basically, we will respond within 3 business days, but please understand that it may be delayed if there are many inquiries.

K-VISA is always open.

Please fill out the partnership details and contact us at hero@k-visa.co.kr and we will check and contact you quickly.


You can easily download it from the Play Store and App Store through our website.

Currently, both Android and iOS operating systems are supported.

Of course, the K-VISA app is free.

By providing customized information that suits you, many users use the app a lot.

Of course, even without an alien registration card, you can use the K-VISA app and visa service services without any problems. However, if you register your alien registration card, you can more easily receive customized information.
We operate based on the visa manual provided by the Ministry of Justice. Visa information, which changes on average once a month, can be checked quickly and accurately through K-VISA.

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