Work Visa Korea

Permission to Stay for Refugee Status Applicants

Grant of the status of stay, a change of status You may receive a G-1 Miscellaneous visa or, change your status to G-1 at the immigration office, or branch office with jurisdiction over your place of residence. ※ Required Documents: A written application (Annex No. 34), the receipt of refugee status application, an identification [...]

Employment in Korea

1) Finding Jobs Foreigners can work in Korea in line with the purposes they have entered the country and the type of visa they have received. The following websites can be helpful in finding jobs suitable for you. Seoul Global Center Run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the website provides information on various trade fairs, [...]

Understanding E-2 Visa

Korean Visa To legitimately work in Korea, you should initially acquire the proper business visa. The Korean government firmly controls the issuance of business visas, and some of the time instructors have been not able to acquire visas. Contingent upon the activity and different elements, it can take somewhere in the range of multi-week to [...]

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