Case of international marriage visa issuance for pregnant illegal immigrant
1. Fact Relevancy

A Thai woman met a Korean man and they fell in love while working part-time at a cafe in Korea. Unfortunately, their situation was not great because, after about 6 months of dating, the man found out she was staying in Korea illegally.

Despite, they were planning for a marriage, their relationship was in jeopardy because they were violating the immigration law and the forced eviction was inevitable. Since she witnessed it from her friends who underwent a similar situation who got evicted from Korea.

Then in February 2021, they decided to get married only after they found out that they were expecting a baby. Needless to say, they had no clue what to do regarding the situation of her staying in Korea illegally. Luckily, the young couple found out about K-VISA Corporation recommended by their friends who relied on the firm to solve a similar problem.

2. Process and Result

When the client visited our firm, she was pregnant for about two weeks and told us that she stayed in Korea for about 7 months illegally. After we listened and understood the whole story, we informed them the penalty fee for staying in Korea illegally from 6 months to 1 year is the same. Also, we advised them not to take any urgent action by themselves regarding the visa application because the immigration office relies on a discretionary act and an inadequate application may result in refusal.

After two months went by since our client's visit, we submitted our client's pregnancy certificate and other documents to the immigration office to help our client to obtain a temporary G-1 Visa followed by an international marriage visa after childbirth.

The reason why we did not apply for an international marriage visa in the first place is that the client's husband was a student and his financial ability to provide for his family was insufficient, which was problematic to obtain the F-6 visa. However, such a factor is exempted only after childbirth.

K-Visa has provided them a safe route for them to return to their daily lives. May the couple and their child be blessed with happiness and fortune!
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