Case of inviting a mother-in-law of Vietnamese nationality with the F-1 visa
1. Fact Relevancy

Mr. K, a Korean who visited K Visa Corporation 3 months ago, was married to Ms. R of Vietnamese nationality 10 years ago, and he is still a man who has kept a good family.

Happily, two years ago, Ms. R gave birth to a child but Mr. K said he was concerned about her health condition, which has to carry out child-rearing and work-life at the same time.

In response, Mr. K decided to invite Ms. R's mother who is currently staying in Vietnam to Korea after consultation with Ms. R.

What our client wanted was for his mother-in-law to stay in Korea for as long as possible to take care of the child because the child was too young to leave him to the daycare center, which was agreed by Ms. R and his mother-in-law.

2. Process and Result

First, we were informed of the documents that are needed to apply for our client's mothers-in-law with the C-3-1 visa from the Korean Embassy in Vietnam.

After that, we received the documents from the inviter, Mr. K, and filled out the visa issuance application form, invitation letter, identity guarantee, petition, and delivered them to our client's mother-in-law.

Since obtaining the F-1 visa was the goal, we guided her in advance for which documents were needed to be issued in Vietnam, and asked her to get the following documents notarized or apostilled in English or Korean.

Ultimately after the mother-in-law entered Korea, the C-3-1 visa was changed to the F-1 visa immediately, and the work was completed as the four families, including Mr. K, Ms. R, their child, and mother-in-law were able to stay and live in Korea together.
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