Case of D-8 visas was issued for illegal immigrant/refugee applicant
1. Fact Relevancy

Mr. E, a Nigerian citizen, entered Korea on a C-3 visa in the past. Since 2017, he has been staying in Korea illegally, and then he was granted the G-1 visa as a refugee applicant. Unfortunately, he was disapproved of being recognized as a refugee, so he returned his alien registration card and eventually received a departure order that informed him to leave the country before April 2021.

However, the reason Mr. E must remain in Korea was to do his business in Korea.

Mr. E had already remitted a foreign currency equivalent to 100 million KRW from Nigeria, his home country, to Korea to do export business in Korea, which is a prerequisite requirement to obtain the D-8 visa. Subsequently, as an export wholesale business that supplies or exports/imports fabrics to Korean and foreign fabric suppliers, garment manufacturing, and processing companies, it had already completed corporate business registration.

Needless to say, there were several reasons why Mr. E had difficulties obtaining the D-8 visa. First, it was his history of illegal stay, Corona Virus, and opportunity costs that made him difficult to return to this home country and then apply for the D-8 visa. Second, Mr. E was reluctant to take proper action because of the uncertainty in the future whether the D-8 visa could be issued or not. Hence, Mr. E visits our firm.

2. Process and Result

First of all, Mr. E's biggest weakness was his illegal stay for about 3-4 years. Regardless of the type of visa, the history of illegal stay has a significant negative impact on visa issuance screening.

Therefore, we had to convince Mr. E's reasons for entering Korea and staying in Korea during the screening process, and for this, we actively utilized all of his partners' recommendations and petitions that Mr. E had received.
However, in the order of the procedure, Mr. E returned his alien registration card and was in a state of visa-free status. Since he was in a state of receiving an order to leave the country, it was inevitable that he had to leave the country and obtain a visa from his home country to enter Korea. After giving guidance so that he could fully understand the information, we prepared the application form for visa issuance and delivered it to Mr. E.

For Mr. E to receive a visa in his home country, we continuously monitored along with the delivery of the necessary documents, and fortunately, the D-8 visa was normally issued and he entered Korea. As it is a difficult start-up, I hope that Mr. E's business will succeed.
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